2008-11-02: phpBB 3.0.3 RC1 släppt

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2008-11-02: phpBB 3.0.3 RC1 släppt

Inlägg av Marcus » 2008-11-02 23:27

Fick precis ett mail från phpBB Groups utvecklingsteam.



In an effort to increase product stability we are happy to announce the availability of the first release candidate for the next minor release - phpBB 3.0.3.

This release fixes a lot of bugs, corrects minor issues, introducing some security enhancements and also introducing major new features.
Everyone able to should test this release and report overseen bugs and issues to the bug tracker or directly to the developers. Specific sections of interest are:

- Installation
- Closer look to cache directory and correct cache purge
- Template Inheritance
- Private Messages (sending to multiple recipients)
- MCP: queue for newly registered users
- MCP: create shadow topics, afterwards move original topic to new forum
- MCP: create shadow topic from topic having reports assigned (shadow topic should have no report assigned)
- Posting: PNG Thumbnail generation/attachments
- Testing Update Package

Updates to the full minor release 3.0.3 will be possible. Please note that language packs may not be updated yet to reflect the changes within this release - therefore it is recommended to test with the provided english language pack.

The fixes are:

- [Fix] Correctly set topic starter if first post in topic removed (Bug
#30575 - Patch by blueray2048)
- [Fix] Delete avatar files (Bug #29985).
- [Fix] Preserve selection in the MCP. (Bug #31265).
- [Fix] Added VST - Venezuela Standard Time (Bug #30545).
- [Fix] Close DB connections in file.php.
- [Fix] Correctly return results for nested cached queries (Bug #31445 - Patch by faw).
- [Fix] Allow export of PM pages greater one. (#33155)
- [Fix] Display coloured username of last poster in list of subscribed forums (prosilver).
- [Fix] Added missing UCP language string "NO_AUTH_READ_HOLD_MESSAGE".
- [Fix] Do not jump back to page 1 when hiding member search in memberlist. (Bug #32515)
- [Fix] Correctly limit input of the users location to 100 characters in the UCP and ACP. (Bug #32655)
- [Fix] Sync reports when using the move all users posts tool in the ACP. (Bug #31165)
- [Fix] Extra slash is included in the redirect url when redirecting to the forum root directory. (Bug #33605)
- [Fix] Remove reported flag from shadow topics when closing reports.
(Bug #19765)
- [Fix] Do not show non indexed forums on the search page if they contain no subforums. (Bug #33125)
- [Fix] Stop search bots incrementing topic views. (Bug #32675 - Patch by eviL<3)
- [Fix] Use correct link for post author search. (Bug #32595)
- [Fix] Do not decrease topics counter when deleting shadow topics. (Bug
- [Fix] Send localised disapproval reasons in the recipients local language. (Bug #31645)
- [Fix] Language typos/fixes. (Bugs #27625, #30755, #34185, #32795)
- [Fix] Added missing terms parameter to search pagination. (Bug #34085)
- [Fix] Wrong table order in query obtaining posts if post id given.
- [Fix] Do not display reported topic icon for shadow topics. (Bug #13970)
- [Fix] Display popular topic based on posts within topic instead of replies within topic. (Bug #16099)
- [Fix] Expand shown ban reason in unban screen to fully show long entries. (Bug #16234)
- [Fix] Preserve alpha transparency for created thumbnails. (Bug #16575)
- [Fix] Use correct port delimiter for MSSQL connections in windows.
(Bug #16615)
- [Fix] Do not allow setting forums parent to the forum itself. (Bug #18855)
- [Fix] Display assigned rank/avatar for guests. (Bug #19155)
- [Fix] Set secure cookie for style switcher if required. (Bug #19625)
- [Fix] Fix native full text search on postgresql while using excluding keyword matches. (Bug #19195)
- [Fix] Pass S_SEARCH_ACTION through append_sid() in search.php. (Bug
- [Fix] Correctly delete message attachments. (Bug #23755)
- [Fix] Correctly handle unread status of subforums (that are not shown on the index) of forums that are shown on the index. (Bug #14589)
- [Fix] Stop users from deleting posts after the edit time has passed or they have been locked. (Bug #19115)
- [Fix] Split posts target forum requires 'f_post' now instead of 'm_split'. (Bug #31015)
- [Fix] Duplicate log messages for deleting a topic ('LOG_TOPIC_DELETED'
has been deprecated in favour of 'LOG_DELETE_TOPIC').
- [Fix] Use a distinct log message for shadow topic deletions to differentiate between normal topic deletions. (Bug #34635)
- [Fix] Fix problems with styles using an underscore within the filename. (Bug #34315)
- [Fix] Better return links when deleting topics through the MCP. (Bug
- [Fix] Add quoting support to PM history when composing a reply. (Bug
- [Fix] Use phpBB 3.1.x method for storing cached data to prevent PHP bug with our usage of var_export(). (Thanks to Techie-Micheal and HoL for pointing out possible problems)
- [Fix] Check users pm preferences for pm's sent to groups. (Bug #33245)
- [Fix] Do not allow password reminders if u_passchg permission is not given. (Bug #14806)
- [Fix] Implemented strict check for cached user permissions and existing ACL options. This fix makes sure cached permissions are valid, even if they got already cached.
- [Fix] Do not show link to user/group profiles if user has no permission to view the linked page and gets a denied message anyway.
(Bug #15088)
- [Fix] Do not display last post link and sort display options for search engines. (Bug #15088)
- [Fix] Make sure users still get notifications if they set to only be notified by Jabber, but Jabber service disabled. (Bug #29715 - Patch by
- [Fix] Don't show forum subscription link on categories. (Bug #34895)
- [Fix] Display a message if no topics or forums are selected when unsubscribing. (Bug #34855)
- [Fix] Mark/unmark all links in UCP now select/unselect both subscribed topics and forums.
- [Fix] Increase board topic counter when splitting topics. (Bug #32125)
- [Fix] Display profile icons when viewing a topic, or PM when only the jabber icon is to be visible. (Bug #34755)
- [Fix] Do not send PMs with warnings if the user cannot read PMs or they are disabled. (Bug #30815)
- [Fix] Correctly convert Niels' Birthday MOD to the date format used in phpBB3. (Bug #32895)
- [Fix] Parse BBCode lists of type square, circle and disc. (Bug #35295)
- [Fix] Round the displayed percentages in polls. (Bug #32375)
- [Fix] Disable mass e-mail when e-mail is disabled. (Bug #27385)
- [Fix] Display coloured poster username of queued posts displayed on the front of the MCP.
- [Fix] Moderators can only see reports/queue/logs from forums they can actually read. (Bug #31085)
- [Fix] Correctly display topic when start parameter is equal to the number of posts.
- [Fix] Correctly display topic in MCP when start parameter is equal to or greater than the number of posts. (Bug #30525)
- [Change] No longer allow the direct use of MULTI_INSERT in sql_build_array. sql_multi_insert() must be used.
- [Change] Display warning in ACP if config.php file is left writable.
- [Change] More restrictive chmod to new files being created.
(phpbb_chmod() function mostly by faw)</li>
- [Change] Set headers to allow browsers to better cache attachments (Mylek pointed this out)
- [Change] Hide parameters if they equal the default in viewforum/viewtopic (Bug #31185)
- [Change] Various improvements to group listings (Bugs #32155, #32145, #32085, #26675, #26265)
- [Change] Set headers for IE 8 in file.php
- [Change] Do not count queued posts to user_posts.
- [Change] Allow setting birth year to current year.
- [Change] Do not use the topics posted table when performing an egosearch.
- [Change] Log the forum name that topics are moved into.
- [Change] Automatically add users/groups to the PM recipient list, if entered or selected.
- [Change] Reply to PM now includes all previous recipients and not only the original sender.
- [Change] Make topic selection for merge less confusing by removing unneeded controls. (Bug #21925)
- [Change] MCP topic view checkboxes now default to unchecked.
- [Change] Adjust language key "SPLIT_AFTER" to make the action clearer.
- [Change] Add links to the post and forum when viewing a report from the MCP. (Bugs #33795, #33805)
- [Change] Remove NUL-Bytes directly in request_var() for strings and within the custom DBAL sql_escape() functions (MSSQL, Firebird, Oracle) (reported by AdhostMikeSw)
- [Feature] Allow limited inheritance for template sets.
- [Feature] Allow hard disabling of the template editor.
- [Feature] Allow setting custom language path through $user->set_custom_lang_path(). $user->lang_path now also do not include the user language, but only the path.
- [Feature] Ability to define nullar/singular/plural language entries
- [Feature] Ability to mimic sprintf() calls with $user->lang() with the ability to correctly assign nullar/singular/plural language entries.
- [Feature] Added the possibility to force user posts put in queue if post count is lower than an admin defined value. Guest posting is not affected by this setting.
- [Feature] Added 'max_recipients' setting for private messages. This setting allows admins to define the maximum number of recipients per private message with a board-wide setting and a group-specific setting.
- [Feature] Added new permission setting for sending private messages to groups. Now there are two permissions to define sending private messages to multiple recipients and private messages to groups.
- [Feature] Allow specific connection to different server for jabber functionality by providing a valid JID as username. This also allows the use of talk.google.com as jabber server with gmail.com JIDs. (Bug #14989)
- [Sec Precaution] Stricter validation of the HTTP_HOST header (Thanks to Techie-Micheal et al for pointing out possible issues in derived code)

A short explanation of how to do a conversion, installation or update is included within the provided INSTALL.html file, please be sure to read it.


Security issues found should be reported to our security tracker at http://www.phpbb.com/bugs/security/ in the usual way.

Available packages:

If you experience problems with the automatic update (white screens, timeouts, etc.) we recommend using the "changed files only" or "patch"
method for updating.

With this release, there are five packages available.

Full Package: Contains entire phpBB3 source and english language files.

Automatic Update Package: Update package for the automatic updater, containing the changes from previous release to this release.

Changed Files Only: Contains only those files changed from previous versions of phpBB3. Please note this archive contains changed files for each previous release.

Patch Files: Contains patch compatible patches from previous versions of phpBB3.

Code Changes Package: Update package for manual updating, containing the code changes from previous release to this release. The changes are provided as the old MOD Teamplate Format and the new MODX format.

Select whichever package is most suitable for you. As a tiny guide we recommend the following methods based on the requirements:

- For a new installation you should use the Full Package
- For updates of boards without modifications you can basically use the Automatic Update Package (guided udpate) or the Changed Files Only package (manual update).
- For updates of boards with modifications you should use the Automatic Update Package. If you are confident with patch files and patching you can use the Patch Files Package.
- International Support Teams may use the Code Changes Package to better support users having problems with conflicts or specific code sections.
- If you are a hoster/provider, you may want to use the Patch Files Package to update all of your client installations.

*Please ensure you read the INSTALL and README documents in docs/ before proceeding with installation, updates or conversions!*


Full Package:

Automatic Update Package:
http://www.phpbb.com/files/qa/phpBB-3.0 ... .3-RC1.zip
http://www.phpbb.com/files/qa/phpBB-3.0 ... C1.tar.bz2

Changed Files Only Package:
http://www.phpbb.com/files/qa/phpBB-3.0 ... es.tar.bz2

Patch Files Package:
http://www.phpbb.com/files/qa/phpBB-3.0 ... ch.tar.bz2

Code Changes Package:
http://www.phpbb.com/files/qa/phpBB-3.0 ... hanges.zip
http://www.phpbb.com/files/qa/phpBB-3.0 ... es.tar.bz2


To correctly perform an update, do not forget to re-enable the PHPBB_QA constant within your includes/constants.php file. Else you are not prompted for an update within the ACP and the automatic update will fail. :)

Have fun with the release,
the phpBB Team

Meik Sievertsen - phpBB Development Team Leader http://www.phpbb.com/ && http://area51.phpbb.com/
Marcus Farrington - Administratör på phpBB Sverige
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Re: 2008-11-02: phpBB 3.0.3 RC1 släppt

Inlägg av Marcus » 2008-11-12 09:44

Det finns nu en fungeraden svensk översättning för phpBB 3.0.3 RC1.

Tack till Peetra, som gjort ett fantastiskt jobb med att översätta de strängar vi inte kände till innan RC1:an kom.

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Marcus Farrington - Administratör på phpBB Sverige
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